Album #268 – The World Is a Ghetto

Album #268

Most music fans only know the band War, after Eric Burdon’s departure, for three songs: Why Can’t We Be Friends, The Cisco Kid, and their most well known song, Low Rider. But, sadly their albums are very underrated. This album was amazing. It sounded like a mix between funk, rock, jazz and blues. You could hear on one track: harmonica, acoustic guitar, cheesy keyboards (essential to War’s sound) and a sax solo. The Cisco Kid is the most well known song and starts off the album. The rest of this album continues the concept of this album: inner city poverty and how it extends to all facets of society. Each song feels like one large jam. I could definitely see the influences of Sly and The Family Stone along with a tinge of the blues. War was also one of the first multiracial bands in rock and roll. This made their sound unique and instantly identifiable. Their sound also set War apart from their contemporaries. It is a shame that War’s albums were never accepted by the critics but, I am glad one of their albums is on the list. Overall, I give this album 4.5 out of 5.

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