Classic Maritime TV News opens from 1987 and 1990

One of the cool things about this blog is the ways in which it is spread. As many readers of this blog know, I am in my first year of the two year Radio and Television Arts program at NSCC’s Waterfront Campus. A second year student needed help with a blog assignment for one of her classes and since I knew a bit about blogs, she asked me. I gave her my blog to use and supposedly, it took off. Many of the second years now read this blog. So, I say welcome. I have decided to do some posts on cool stuff about our business. This first one is a great way to start off.
A few days ago, I was showing another second year a site with T.V. News Themes on it, to spark ideas for the theme song for the second year newscast. I then showed her a website that had old newscast opens from her current employer. She went bolistic. She could not believe how different one of her co-workers looked and she said she would share this site with some of them. I decided when I got home I would search YouTube for more opens and I found the two below. This is a great time capsule as to what TV News was like in my corner of the world. These opens make me proud to be from the Maritimes. Enjoy!!!

This open is mislabelled. It is from 1990. The cool thing about this open is that everything is superimposed over the computer. I learned about that technique in a video at school earlier this week!!!:

This open is from December 1987:

    • Linda chiasson
    • September 17th, 2011

    Thanks for sharing Andrew. Takes me back to our days on Roseway CT in Cole Harbour. I guess Big hair was still in!!

  1. WOW that’s incredible! I love this!

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