CBC Open House

It’s been a while since I have blogged. School has made it difficult, but here I am. Yesterday, some of my friends/classmates and I went to the CBC Open House at CBC Halifax on Bell Road. As a Radio and Television Arts student, it was a bit different for me than it would be for the average person. To have a sneak peek at what an actual television facility looks like, was so exciting for all of us. We were also able to meet the faces and voices behind some of our favorite shows and the newscasts that I watch all the time. I met and took pictures with Peter Coade, Tom Murphy, Amy Smith, Jeri Hall from 22 Minutes and Stan Carew. I actually had an amazing chat with Stan. He is such a nice guy and he was very happy I liked the 9/11 show that Weekend Mornings did a few weeks ago. We also talked about his show and how it’s put together. I saw Michael Dick again as well. He had been a host of a session with CBC President Hubert LaCroix at NSCC earlier this week. I also wanted to talk to CBC veteran Don Connolly but his time ran out and there were several other (OLDER!!!!) listeners who wanted to talk to him too and those listeners kept cutting me off. Don did say, in our brief chat, that he wanted to come to NSCC and talk to the RTA students sometime very soon. I told him I would pass that along. All in all, it was an amazing day and I really enjoyed seeing CBC TV behind the scenes. The facilities at Bell Road are top notch and I can see why CBC Halifax is the best TV Production facility in Atlantic Canada. Yesterday’s open house hammered home the point that CBC is a valued institution in this country and that our government should try to enrich it instead of trying to kill it. Yesterday, along with Tuesday’s session with Hubert LaCroix, also made me realize that CBC is going to definitely be an option for me in the future as well as for my classmates.  Thanks to my friends and classmates for coming, giving me a ride there and also encouraging me to speak to Stan Carew, Don Connolly and get an autograph with Jeri Hall. You guys are one of the main reasons why I love RTA. I am so glad you guys got to share this with me. Below are pictures that my friend and classmate, Ed, took. Thanks Ed for capturing this amazing day in pictures for us all to remember. If you missed it, it is very possible that there will be an open house next year.

Some classmates and I with Tom Murphy and Amy Smith of CBC News: Nova Scotia

Stan Carew and I talking about Weekend Mornings.

A great picture of Stan and I. Well Done Ed!!!

Visiting with Peter Coade in the CBC News Weather Centre.

My classmates and I with Jeri Hall of 22 Minutes. She was VERY nice and sweet!!!

  1. Great blog. I think you summed up what we’re all thinking about the day.As far as capturing the memories…you’re most welcome.

    • Thanks Ed. I am so glad you came and thanks for pushing me. If you did not, I would never have talked to Stan Carew and found out how cool a guy he is. Thanks again. 🙂

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