Album #281 – Let’s Get It On

Album #281

This is the second album by Marvin Gaye on this list. Many musicians and critics love this album. But for some reason, I was bored listening to it. I mean I love the title track a lot (it’s one of my favorite songs) and Gaye’s vocal performance was stellar on this album. The arrangements were also good. But, I did not find this album as interesting as What’s Going On. With this album being the follow-up to What’s Going On, it had big shoes to fill. Let’s Get It On explores love and the sensual side of Gaye more than the political issues of his previous album. I just find that Gaye is doing what has already been done with this album musically. His singing voice is phenomenal. But, it was 1973 and Stevie Wonder was doing things musically better than Gaye. I hate to compare these two but, this is an exception. Overall, Let’s Get It On (the album) was kind of a disappointment. But, that does not mean that Gaye’s singing is poor and the title track is not spectacular. I just was not feeling it. I give this album a 4 out of 5.

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