Album #282 – Solid Air

Album #282

John Martyn has one of the most unique and amazing voices I have ever heard. It adds so much to the songs on this album. The title track was written, in tribute, to Martyn’s friend Nick Drake. May You Never, was covered by Eric Clapton on his Slowhand album. It’s clear that Martyn was well known and respected in music circles but he is scarcely known outside that world. It is a shame but, I am glad some of his music is on this list. The sound of this album has been described as folk jazz. I would describe it as a mixture of folk, blues and jazz. Martyn’s voice rises above it all and makes this album very good to listen to. I hear the emotion ring through in his voice. As for the musicians, Martyn teams up with many folk musicians that were part of the British Folk Rock movement of the late 60’s including my favourite stand-up bass player and frequent Martyn collaborator, Danny Thompson. Other musicians include: Richard Thompson, Simon Nicol, Dave Mattacks and future keyboardist of The Who, John “Rabbit” Bundrick. I really enjoyed this album and it is near the top of my must have list. Highlights include: Solid Air, Over The Hill, Go Down Easy and May You Never. Overall, I give this album 4.5 out of 5.

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