Album #284 – Faust IV

Album #284

Faust were the innovators of a movement in rock music known as Krautrock. It was a name that Faust has said they despised. To Faust, it was just music they were making. Listening to Faust IV for the first time, I agree with them. The only other “Krautrock” band that I have experienced on this list is Can. Can, in my opinion, are more avant guard and they fit into that label well. I don’t see Can as a Krautrock band. I don’t see Faust as one either. I see them as a band experimenting with synthesizers and electronic noise to create something new. Something, that had never been heard by people before. From the start of the song Krautrock (supposedly named and written as a reaction to the label given to their music by the British Press), I was hooked. I had never before heard anything quite like this. The songs on Faust IV are mostly instrumental with a bit of singing. The lead singer cannot sing very well, but that is beside the point (at least he doesn’t sound like Dano Suzuki). I was impressed with their transitions between the typical western pop music formula and their own sound and rules. This album proves that music does not have to be played a certain way. It must constantly evolve. Faust have accomplished this with Faust IV. Other highlights include: Jennifer and It’s A Bit of Pain. Overall, I give this album 4.5 out of 5.

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