Album #286 – Mott

Album #286

Album #286

This is ONE of the best rock and roll albums I have heard in quite sometime. One of my good friends recommended Mott The Hoople to me a few years ago. He was even amazed that the campus radio station where I did my radio show had all of Mott The Hoople’s albums on vinyl. I didn’t realize the significance of this at the time. I looked at M.T.H. as a one hit wonder, famous for their version of David Bowie’s All The Young Dudes. Hell, even their lead singer, Ian Hunter, sounded like a poor man’s Bowie to me at the time. Boy, was I wrong!!!! Mott The Hoople are one of the most underrated rock bands of the early 70’s. While many associate these guys with glam rock, they were much more than that. These guys, with their album Mott, presented everything that was good about early 70’s rock and roll: Great Lyrics, Amazing Guitar Solos, A Dynamic Front Man, catchy, dancy tunes and a sense of Mystery to it all. That is what Mott the Hoople brought to the table. They would release one more studio album and an amazing live album in this incarnation before going their separate ways: Guitarist Mick Ralphs would go on to form Bad Company with Paul Rodgers and Simon Kirke of Free and Ian Hunter would go on to have an equally interesting solo career. But, in this album, lies this essence to where rock was going and where it had been. Mott the Hoople, in my opinion and on the basis of this album alone, are one of rock music’s forgotten heroes. More bands should take a good look at how Mott the Hoople got it right. They might be surprised where they’ll end up musically. Highlights include: All The Way To Memphis, Whizz Kid, Hymn For The Dudes and I Wish I Was Your Mother. Overall, I give this album 5 out of 5.

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