Album #291 – Honky Tonk Heroes

Album #291

This was the album that changed Waylon Jennings’ career from being your typical country singer to one of the first artists under the outlaw country label. This album was great from beginning to end. It is nice to see a country album on the list once again. Jennings was actually going to have this album produced by the late great Chet Atkins but, Atkins refused supposedly because he did not want to work with an unknown co-writer, which in this case was Billy Joe Shaver. Jennings ended up co-producing the album himself. The album’s two hit singles, We Had It All and You Asked Me To, are some of the best songs on the album. I don’t have much else to say but, this album ended up making Jennings an even bigger star than he was. Without this album, he might not have done the theme to Dukes of Hazzard or become a household name, synonymous with the outlaw country movement that included Willie Nelson. I will always remember Jennings for his appearance in the 1985 film Follow That Bird. In that film, Jennings sings a duet with Big Bird. I realized at that young age just how cool he was. Overall, I give this album 4.5 out of 5.

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