Album #295 – Band On the Run

Album #295

In my opinion, Band On The Run is Paul McCartney’s best album. Certainly, it’s the best album he ever did with his band Wings. It is pop music at it’s finest. Even if your not a huge Macca fan, you have to admit that even some of the songs on this album are well written and classics. It turns out that this album was his last for Apple Records. What a way to go out!! Band On The Run was the album that kick started Wings’ huge chart success. Musically, they rock and roll from start to finish. Denny Laine, Linda McCartney and Paul make up Wings on this album. The musical style is mostly pop but Jet is one of Wings’ closest forays into a heavy rock sound. It is amazing that three people could make some beautiful music. Of course, Paul had taught Linda how to play piano and sing and many thought that Linda couldn’t pull it off, but that does not diminish this album at all. This album kind of reminded me of a concept album because the music always seemed to be changing and some songs (Picasso’s Last Words, Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five) referred musically to other songs on the album. The cover is even iconic; featuring not only the members of Wings but also six other “criminals” including British Talk Show host Michael Parkinson and the late James Coburn (yes, that same James Coburn who was on those How to play Blackjack infomercials in the late 90’s). Band On The Run is a must listen for all music fans, even if they don’t particularly like McCartney’s music. Other highlights include: Band On The Run, Jet, Mrs. Vandebilt, Let Me Roll It,  Helen Wheels and Country Dreamer. Overall, I give this album 4.5 out of 5.

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