Album #296 – Next

Album #296

The best way for me to describe The Sensational Alex Harvey Band is Slade with a edge. Next is a mixture of glam rock awesomeness and Cabaret theatrics. When this band rocks, they rock. Their lyrics, such as on Gang Bang and Giddy Up a Ding Dong, are tongue-in cheek but they don’t take away from the track. They make it better, dirtier. Also included is a cover of Jacques Brel’s Next, which equals the original. The Sensational Alex Harvey Band are a unique find. I didn’t know they were a glam rock band but, it is nice to see them add a theatrical element into their music. It almost reminds me of a Vaudeville show. One of my radio influences, WMMS in Cleveland, played this album heavily after it’s release and broke the band in America (we’ll, really only Cleveland). WMMS is one of those rare radio stations that picked up on artists that were good and deserved to be played. They might not have been big in the rest of the United States, but they became HUGE in Cleveland (Long Live The Buzzard!!!). Once again, the album challenge has shown me an artist that I would have otherwise never listened to and discovered on my own. That is why I am doing this challenge. I want to be exposed to great artists like the Sensational Alex Harvey Band. It’s a shame they never made it in the US but, maybe it’s a good thing. It makes this album that much better. Other highlights: Swampsnake (a perfect start to this album. I was hooked instantly when I heard the opening riff!!!), Vambo Marble Eye and The Last of the Teenage Idols (doo-wop mixed with glam in a song about life as a rock star). Overall, I give this album 4 out of 5.

Next: Billion Dollar Babies by Alice Cooper

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