Album #297 – Billion Dollar Babies

Album #297

Bob Ezrin does it again!!! This is the Canadian producer’s second produced album on the list. And, it’s the only album by Alice Cooper. The band, not just the singer. You see, before 1974, Alice Cooper was not only the name of it’s frontman but also the name of the band. This was to be their last album together as a band. Ironically enough, the band members ended up calling themselves the Billion Dollar Babies after the left Cooper (or vice-versa). This album is early 70’s rock at it’s finest. If The Sensational Alex Harvey Band had theatrical elements and sounded like a Vaudeville show, Alice Cooper was the ringmaster of the Rock and Roll Circus. The songs are not only anthemic, they provide a unique visual image. I can almost visualize Alice Cooper (the man) on stage, covered in blood with a snake singing these songs, dressed as a ringmaster. In fact, the tour for Billion Dollar Babies was one of Alice Cooper’s biggest theatrical showcases. The wikipedia page for this album actually lists all the supplies used for the tour and the figures are astounding. Bob Ezrin’s production on this album became his trademark throughout the rest of the decade: anthemic-sounding songs with big, theatrical production. Many critics disliked this but, I think it adds to the music. All of this album’s four singles charted on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. That is quite astounding even for Alice Cooper. Also, Donovan sings on the title track, adding a haunting element to it. I really liked this album ¬†because of it’s theatrical nature. It made it an enjoyable listen and it made me realize just how good Alice Cooper was. Note I said was. Other highlights include: Hello Hooray (a cover of a song originally recorded by Judy Collins and serves as the theme song to Q107 Toronto’s Psychedelic Sunday), Raped and Freezin’, Elected, No More Mr. Nice Guy, Generation Landslide and Mary Ann. Overall, I give this album 4.5 out of 5.

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