Album #298 – Raw Power

Album #298

The last album I listened to was from Alice Cooper, a Detroit native and musical icon. So is Iggy Pop. He grew up in Detroit as well and he created music that was equally theatrical and much more raw. Raw Power is one of the most influential albums that the punk movement ever saw. Four years before Punk Music took the world by storm, Iggy Pop and his band, the Stooges, created a new form of music that mixed garage rock, r&b and lots of energy. Just like Fun House, the Stooges continue to create music that was in a different musical universe than what was going on in 1973. This album was co-produced by David Bowie. Bowie’s mix of the album was a source of frustration for Pop, music critics and die-hard fans. Pop re-mixed this album in 1997 for the CD reissue. Pop created a more distorted and gritty mix, similar to what he wanted the original mix to sound like. But, Pop’s band mates disliked his mix and preferred Bowie’s. After much consideration, I decided to be a purist and go with Bowie’s mix. It is currently only available on Raw Power’s Deluxe Edition. Bowie’s mix was not distorted but perfect for the type of sound Iggy and The Stooges were trying to make. In some ways, this album is even more energetic than the other album on the list (Fun House). I was headbanging along with every song. I could feel Pop’s energy and just like Fun House, it sounded so good and vibrated through every song. This is what I love about punk. It’s energy is so good. It’s a not only a feeling but a state of mind. Highlights include: Search and Destroy, Penetration and Shake Appeal. Overall, I give Raw Power, 5 out of 5.

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