Album #301 – Here Come The Warm Jets

Album #301

Another surprise…This album was not what I expected but, unlike The New York Dolls’ self titled album, it was a joy to listen to. It reminded me of a mixture of T-Rex and Roxy Music (the latter of which Eno was a member). Eno even sounds like Bryan Ferry on a few of the tracks. While some songs are experimental, most of Here Come The Warm Jets is more Glam rock than electronic. Eno would eventually go down that road. Eno also brought an onslaught of musicians in to help him with his first solo album. All of the members of Roxy Music (at the time) accompany Eno. Bryan Ferry is the only exception. Robert Fripp also plays guitar on this record and famed record producer Chris Thomas contributed an “extra bass part” to one of this album’s tracks. A causal music listener upon listening to this album might dismiss it. Eno goes all over the place. On minute, it’s poppy glam rock, the next it’s strings and then a bluesy number. But, I really enjoyed it. I loved how accessible this album sounded. It, in some ways, is what pop music should be. Today’s “indie” music has obviously taken much from this album. The only track I had heard from Here Come The Warm Jets before listening to it was Baby’s On Fire. When I heard that track, I could not believe it was Eno. His voice is actually pretty good and he can actually sing. The track is so unlike what I thought Eno’s music was that it made me happy. I am interested to find out why he decided to go in a different direction for his future albums. I guess I will have to wait until those albums come up on this amazing list. Overall, I give this album 4.5 out of 5.

Next: Bad Company’s self-titled first album!!!

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