Album #302 – Bad Company

Album #302

While researching this album, I found out two things I didn’t know about Bad Company’s frontman, Paul Rodgers. It turns out his wife is a Canadian and he became a Canadian citizen last year!!! He even sang O’Canada at his citizenship ceremony!!! How cool is that!?!?! AND, it turns out when Jim Morrison (of the Doors) died in 1971, the other members wanted Rodgers as Morrison’s replacement. Rodgers was unable to be reached. He was told this a few years ago and he could not believe it. I wonder what would have happened if he took the gig. Well, for one thing, Bad Company would never have made this amazing album. This album is the first on the list from 1974. Bad Company is considered to be one of the first rock super groups of the mid 1970s. It features Rodgers on vocals, Simon Kirke on drums (both were in Free, famous for their 1969 hit, All Right Now), Mick Ralphs on guitar (formerly of Mott the Hoople) and the late Boz Burrell on bass (formerly of King Crimson). To some, Bad Company were just your average mid-70’s blues-rock band. But, they were so much more. Paul Rodgers voice is instantly recognizable. The rhythm section is very tight and I couldn’t believe the bassist used to be in King Crimson. Boz Burrell played the blues-rock style so well on this album. Mick Ralphs is actually able to shine with Bad Company. His riffs and solos are amazing. All of this creates one of THE best debut albums of all-time. I am proud to own this musical masterpiece on vinyl. Every song is good and so many are still played on classic rock radio today. Bad Company would end up staying together until 1982 and they would continue to have hit singles and albums including the follow up, Straight Shooter. This album produced two: Can’t Get Enough and Movin’ On. But, the title track (that shares it’s name with the band and album), Ready For Love and Rock Steady also get airplay. The rest of the album is equally as good. Bad Company are back together again without their original bassist and continue to have an influence on rock music. I am so glad that this awesome album was on the list. Overall, I give Bad Company, 6 out of 5.

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