Album #305 – Fulfillingness’ First Finale

Album #305

Back to the challenge. I haven’t blogged in awhile but I have decided to continue. This album by Stevie Wonder has been labelled as more dark compared to his other albums. I agree but, that does not diminish this album in the slightest. Wonder is in fine form here and this album continues the streak of phenomenal albums Wonder released in the 1970’s. I stopped blogging for awhile because I felt whatever I wrote about this album and Album #306 (461 Ocean Blvd by Eric Clapton) would not do these albums justice. All I can say is that this album should be in your collection. Not only for the musicianship Wonder displays perfectly but, also for the quality of the music. Wonder was turning into a solid songwriter. His lyrics are sometimes humorous, very profound and make you think about your life and circumstances. It is a shame that current “popular” music is not this deep and profound lyrically. Wonder should be commended for just creating music that transcends racial boundaries and addressing social issues in a unique and amazing way. Highlights from this album include: Boogie On Reggae Woman, They Won’t Go When I Go, Heaven Is 10 Zillion Light Years Away and Bird of Beauty. Overall, I give this album 4.5 out of 5.

Next: 461 Ocean Boulevard by Eric Clapton

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