Album #307 – Autobahn

Album #307

This post is another hard one for me to write. I really wanted to like Kraftwerk. I love synth pop and I thought listening to and loving that music would make me understand what Kraftwerk were doing. Unfortunately, I did not. This album was too repetitive for my liking. There was no soul in this music. I’m sure the band was doing the German version of soul music but, I never picked up on it. Instead, I get droning synthesizer music. Don’t worry, this album was not as painful to listen to as Trout Mask Replica but, it just was not my style. The music snob gods will probably look down on me but, I just don’t get this music. These guys are great musicians but, it takes more that just playing your instrument to make “good” music. Overall, I give this album 2 out of 5.

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