Album #311 – Country Life

Album #311

Despite having one of the sexiest album covers ever, Country Life is a musically enriching album. It marked a change in Roxy Music’s sound. Gone was Brian Eno and the experimentation, in came a combination of sounds to provide a unique place for a rock band that was accessible but yet different from anything else out there. Roxy Music is one of the few rock bands from this era that I know of to have a violin player and a woodwind player as part of the group. Those sounds definitely added an edge to their music. Country Life has everything from Glam Rock to Blues to Rock to Old English Folk Music. Another thing I loved about this album were John Gustafson’s bass lines. They added a nice bouncy bottom end to many of the songs and it was something that was missing from their earlier work. The drumming from Paul Thompson also added an edge. The rhythm section added a new dimension to their overall sound. I really enjoyed this album and I recommend it as a great point to start getting in to Roxy Music’s catalog. Highlights include: The Thrill of It All, All I Want Is You, Out of the Blue, Casanova, A Really Good Time and Prairie Rose (written about Jerry Hall who dated lead singer/frontman Bryan Ferry before Mick Jagger). Overall, I give this album 4.5 out of 5.

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