Album #312 – Phaedra

Album #312

Phaedra was one word to me: Atmospheric. The mood of ambient and meditative was set at the beginning of this album. I liked Tangerine Dream’s version of Krautrock better than Kraftwerk because there was some melodies and pop sensiblities in these four songs. They were not just droning on and on. One thing to note is that on the title track, the key changes in the latter half because of the synthesizer warming up. I actually enjoyed this nuance because it made Phaedra more vibrant as an opening song. The group also incorporated the flute into some of the songs, something that Kraftwerk did in their early songs like Ruckzuck. It added an old world meets new world dimension to the music on Phaedra. This album was great and just what I expected. Tangerine Dream would go in a more synthesizer-laden direction on their future albums (also known as The Virgin Period) and Phaedra laid the foundation. Not bad for a band that has released over a hundred albums over their career. Overall, I give Phaedra 4 out of 5.

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