Album #317 – Sheer Heart Attack

Album #317

Album #317

Sheer Heart Attack is Queen’s third album and rolled the British band into the sound that has come to define their career as a band. The album’s biggest hit, Killer Queen, is a classic song in their repertoire and it even inspired Katy Perry to change her musical direction from Christian Rock to pop. Stone Cold Crazy is another favourite and reminds me of the type of hard rock sound that would become more common place in the late 70’s and 80’s. Much of this album for me though was unexciting. I found it to be amazing at times but, like so many albums on this list, after one listen much of its tracks become forgettable. I am sure that the albums by Queen that come after Sheer Heart Attack will be more exciting. But, I disagree with the critics on this one. It is not one of their best albums.  This band was just getting it’s feet wet and it’s sound was not fully developed. That does not mean that all of it’s tracks are duds. I really enjoyed Brighton Rock, Roger Taylor’s song Tenement Fuster, Misfire and the hilarious Bring Back That Leroy Brown (which was a tribute to Jim Croce and his song Bad, Bad Leroy Brown disguised in a banjo-filled swinging number). But, my favourite track off Sheer Heart Attack is Brian May’s She Makes Me (Stormtrooper in Stilletos). This song is unlike any Queen song I have ever heard. It features May on lead vocals and is somewhat darker compared to much of Queen’s material. It also features a collage of sounds at the end of the song, taken from the streets of New York. Overall, this album shows where Queen were headed musically but, it could have been stronger. I give Sheer Heart Attack, 3.5 out of 5.

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