Album #318 – Sheet Music

Album #319

Album #318

10cc are a group that are largely forgotten. Many don’t know much about them but, some may know their big hits: I’m Not In Love, The Things We Do For Love, Dreadlock Holiday and The Wall Street Shuffle. But, they were much more than that. They were a creative pop music force churning out landmark albums in the 1970’s including Sheet Music. Members include Godley and Creme (yes, the same duo who directed several innovative music videos in the 1980’s including: Herbie Hancock’s Rockit, Wang Chung’s Everybody Have Fun Tonight and The Police’s Every Breath You Take). Both men were also musicians and they got their start as members of 10cc, along with Eric Stewart and Graham Gouldman, before going solo at the end of the decade. Stewart actually sang lead on many of 10cc’s biggest hits including the four mentioned above. But, this album was unlike the 10cc I knew. It was vastly different from their singles. Sheet Music’s biggest hit, The Wall Street Shuffle, is one of my favourite songs and a tune in which it’s lyrics are still relevant 38 years later. But, the rest of the album was all over the place. I think that was the point of 10cc’s sound. They were creating something different that the average pop music in 1974. I found at times that some of the songs on this album could have been performed by Queen. The arrangements and harmonies along with the lyrical content sounded very similar to Freddie and the boys’ sound and style. But, 10cc are largely different from Queen. I was really let down by this album and I thought it would be more exciting. But, 10cc’s big hit singles are definitely worth checking out and they are a unique part of 70’s pop music. Overall, I give Sheet Music 3 out of 5.

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