Album #319 – On The Beach

Album #319

On The Beach is one of Neil Young’s lesser known albums. It was not even released on compact disc until about 10 years ago. But, even though it is not well known, it is one of his best albums. Young combines the sounds of Crazy Horse and his album Harvest together to create this album. In fact, On The Beach was the follow up to Harvest. It clearly shows that Young did not want to re-create his 1972 massive hit album. I always love when artists do this. Their sales might drop but, it shows how true to their craft these musicians and songwriters are. It is easy to duplicate an album that sold you millions of copies. It is very hard to change and evolve after a big wave of success. Some of today’s pop artists could learn a thing or two from Young. The songs on this album are mostly mellow but, they are all amazing. On The Beach is probably in my top 5 favourite Neil Young albums. I really enjoyed listening to it again. Every song is well crafted and written. There is also an awesome line up of guest musicians on this album: Levon Helm, Rick Danko, David Crosby and Graham Nash. Overall, I really enjoyed On The Beach and I recommend this album to anyone who wants to go deeper into Neil Young’s back catalogue. I give On The Beach, 5 out of 5.

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