Album #320 – The Grand Tour

Album #320

The first and only album on the list by George Jones characterizes all the other music he made during this period: sad and reflective of tough times. The title track sets the pace and mood for The Grand Tour, an album about lost love, divorce and the negative effects of fame. This is the only George Jones album that I have ever heard but, many of its songs are evocative of the mood set in Jones’ signature song, He Stopped Loving Her Today, released in 1980. He can put emotion into the lyrics of these songs like nobody else. He did not write most of the album’s tracks but, you could swear he did just by the way he sang them. You can feel the sadness and the broken heart that Jones’ faced during the singing of these songs. They probably mirrored his own life at the time. The only song he co-wrote on this album was “Our Private Life”. It was co-written by Tammy Wynette, Jones’ wife at the time. It is about the tabloids and the hilarious things they would write about Jones and other Country stars of the day. That songs’ lyrics are more applicable today than they were 38 years ago. It seems that celebrity culture is even more huge now and has been magnified ten fold. The song itself is funny  and makes this album end on a high note. Overall, the album was phenomenal but also really sad. Great country music always has this effect and Jones masters it on The Grand Tour. Other highlights include: Darlin’, Pass Me By (If You’re Only Passing Through), Once You’ve Had The Best and Who Will I Be Loving Now. Overall, I give The Grand Tour, 5 out of 5.

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