Album #327 – Another Green World

Album #327

Another Green World is hailed by many to be Eno’s finest work. I agree. I enjoyed this album because, despite it’s experimental nature, it was accessible. The songs on Another Green World are not jarring and a pleasure to listen to. I love how Eno plays with the boundaries of pop music. While many of the songs on Another Green World are instrumentals, the songs in which Eno sings on follow somewhat of a traditional pop sensibility with experimental elements thrown in. I actually read that Eno wrote the lyrics based on sounds he sang to himself (gibberish). The overall mood of this album is very mellow and soothing. It was very relaxing to listen to. Contributors on this album include Robert Fripp, John Cale and (surprisingly) Phil Collins. Yes, THAT Phil Collins. He plays drums and percussion on three of this album’s tracks. This is proof that Phil Collins is a better and more well-rounded musician than people give him credit for. I can easily see why many appreciate Another Green World. It is a unique album, a diamond in the rough if you will, among experimental art rock records. I am surprised it didn’t chart in the US and the UK. But, luckily for die-hard music fans like myself, albums such as Another Green World live on and continue to inspire and delight. Highlights include: Sky Saw, St. Elmo’s Fire, I’ll Come Running, Golden Hours, Becalmed and Everything Merges with the Night. Overall, I give Another Green World 4 out of 5.

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