Album #333 – Young Americans

Album #333

Young Americans marks a big shift in sound for David Bowie. He went from the glam rock sounds of Ziggy Stardust to funk rock and r&b. This was due in part to the massive amount of time he was spending in the U.S. and the sounds he was hearing in dance clubs. Young Americans marks the first time Bowie would work with long time collaborator, guitarist Carlos Alomar. Other guests on this album include smooth jazz legend and former David Letterman band member David Sanborn (the recording sessions for this album marked his first time in the studio), Luther Vandross (before he hit it big) and John Lennon. Lennon actually collaborated with Bowie on an amazing cover of Lennon’s Across The Universe and Fame, one of this album’s two hits. The other was the title track. Young Americans would be Bowie’s last big album in the U.S. commercially. It would not be until Let’s Dance that he would once again have mass appeal. But, with David Bowie that has never mattered. His music has always been catered to what he wants, not what everyone else wants. Case in point his first single in ten years which was released a few weeks ago. I enjoyed this album. Bowie’s voice is superb on here and having Luther Vandross arrange the backing vocals does not hurt either. Other highlights include: Right, Somebody Up There Likes Me and Can You Hear Me? Overall, I give Young Americans, 4.5 out of 5.

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