Album #335 – Born to Run

Album #335

Born to Run is an album of epic proportions. It gave Springsteen the momentum his career needed at the time. By 1975, Rock had removed itself from it’s roots. Psychedelia had ended, Prog Rock was king. Born to Run was a sign that rock was becoming accessible to everyone once again. This album has a mixture of sounds that define rock and roll:  Spector’s Wall of Sound, r&b and soul. Springsteen also gives a musical nod to some of his heroes: Bob Dylan, Roy Orbison and Bo Diddley. Every song on this album goes seamlessly into the next. There is no dud on Born to Run. You can easily tell that the Boss carefully thought out the running order. Each side starts out with an anthemic song (Thunder Road, Born to Run) and then proceeds to enlighten and excite. I was singing along to most of the songs on this album too. Many of them have that quality including the two tracks I just mentioned. It’s the type of album that should be turned up loud and proud. Born to Run is also an album that you have to listen to all the way through. I can remember when I decided to use this album as the soundtrack to my 20 minute commute into University a few years ago. As I reached home, I was half way through the epic that is Jungleland. Since it was the last track, I decided instead to drive around my neighborhood and listen to all that was left. Amazingly, as I pulled into the driveway, the closing notes played. Talk about perfect timing!!! Born to Run has special meaning for me because of it’s amazing, full sound and it’s lyrical content. Springsteen captured the spirit of Rock and Roll again. Broken dreams, the struggles of youth, hope, the future and life within the working class. It’s something that is once again missing from rock music. When Born to Run was released, Springsteen was hailed as the next Bob Dylan. Who knows? Maybe we will see the next Springsteen in the not too distant future. Other highlights include: Tenth Avenue Freeze Out, Backstreets, She’s The One and Meeting Across The River. Overall, I give Born to Run, 5 out of 5.

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