Album #343 – Horses

Album #343

The picture on the front cover of Horses sums up this entire album. Patti Smith is so bad ass and has a look on her face of pure angst. She takes no shit from anyone. This attitude is reflected in the tracks on Horses. Considered to be a punk masterpiece, Horses was released two years before punk hit it big. Smith was the first of the New York/CBGB’s scene to make an impact. The best way to describe the sound of Horses is rock and roll meets beat poetry. Her lyrics are not only deep emotionally, but filled with insanity and chaos. One minute she is singing, the next she is reciting her lyrics; spewing them out. The way she sings is even amazing. One part Jagger, two parts brash and smug. There are not enough words to describe how much I appreciate Patti Smith. I love her attitude and her energy. I love the fact that her brand of punk was different from the male equivalent. She did so much to pave the way for females in rock and it’s a shame she is so underrated as an influence. What other artist could turn Van Morrison’s Gloria into a song about her frustrations with religion? Only Patti Smith can. She has a way with words like no other.  I do not have Horses in my collection but, it will be in there soon. This album is a sign that rock and roll needed to change in 1975, and because of Patti Smith, it did. Other highlights include: Redondo Beach, Free Money, Birdland and Land. Overall, I give Horses, 5 out of 5.

Next: Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd!!!!

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