Album #346 – Red Headed Stranger

Album #346

Red Headed Stranger reaffirmed my love of Willie Nelson’s music. Continuing in the outlaw tradition, Red Headed Stranger is a concept album like no other. Focusing on the outlaw and the preacher, Nelson combines a mix of his own songs, a hymn and other songs. Put them all together and you have one continuous story. One song flows into the next, just like many of the rock albums released at the time. Nelson’s voice is in fine form and, in my opinion, one of the best in country music. His guitar playing is unique and fits in with his style of Country. He is actually playing a classical guitar with a pick. Because these guitars have no pick guards  there is a huge hole in his guitar. But, the sound it produces is legendary. Of all the musicians on this album, there is one notable mention. Nelson’s sister, Bobbie, plays piano. She would collaborate with her brother on many of his albums over the course of his career. Red Headed Stranger was also the breakthrough Nelson needed. Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain became one of his signature songs. This whole album shifted Nelson’s image from singer-songwriter to outlaw. Without this album, Nelson would have not continued to have the career he has today. Willie Nelson is still active and making amazing music. He has outlived most of his contemporaries and for that, we are all grateful. Other highlights include: Time of the Preacher, Red Headed Stranger, Can I Sleep In Your Arms, Remember Me and Hands On The Wheel. Overall, I give Red Headed Stranger, 4.5 out of 5.

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