Album #353 – Boston

Album #353

Boston’s self-titled first album is unique among debut albums. I don’t know of another album, let alone a debut album, in which ALL of it’s tracks are still played on Rock radio stations. For many years, Boston was the biggest selling debut album of all-time. It is that good. Each song is just as good as the one before it. That can mostly be attributed to Tom Scholz, the architect behind Boston’s sound. Scholz is known for being a perfectionist, so much so, that most of this album was recorded in his basement studio in suburban Boston. Scholz clearly knew what he was doing though. He was an engineer at Polaroid by day, with two MIT degrees, and a musician by night. He actually built most of his gear, molding it specifically for his preferences. Not since Les Paul, had their been a musician who was also an electronics whiz. The reason that this album ended up being produced in Scholz  basement is a story in itself. The record label refused Scholz’ proposal but, the album’s producer let Scholz work on the album in his studio while he “recorded” the backing tracks with session musicians in L.A. Los Angeles was also where lead vocalist Brad Delp recorded his tracks. Delp added so much to Boston’s sound with his three part Beatle harmonies and his high vocal range. I don’t think Boston would have been the same without Delp. He was the one ingredient Scholz was missing: a kick ass singer. Sadly, Delp committed suicide in 2007. His spirit still lives on in these songs and because of his contribution, Delp brought these songs to life. Boston is definitely an album that should be in the record collection of every rock fan. In my opinion, this is THE best debut album by any artist and there will never be anything else quite like it. Many people dislike Boston because of the sound they created but, nobody does it better than Tom Scholz and Brad Delp. Nobody. Overall, I give Boston, 7 out of 5.

Next: Hotel California by The Eagles!!!

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