Album #354 – Hotel California

Album #354

Hotel California is a rock music icon. The album cover is immediately recognizable. The title track is one of the Eagles’ signature songs. It is also an amazing rock and pop album. New Kid In Town and Life In The Fast Lane are this album’s other big hits. But, the album tracks are amazing as well. Joe Walsh and Randy Meisner’s contributions (Pretty Maids All In A Row, Try and Love Again) are just as awesome and good as Don Henley and Glenn Frey’s songs. It would be Meisner’s last album as bassist for the group. It was  also Walsh’s first album with the Eagles. Walsh was previously in the James Gang before embarking on a solo career. His addition to the group is a perfect match. Walsh’s guitar solos add an aspect to the Eagles’ sound that did not exist before. The lyrical content of this album mostly deals with materialism. Ironically, this album would make the Eagles even more famous and one of the biggest bands of the 1970’s. This pressure would lead to tensions within the group. But, they have reformed several times and word came out last week that Henley will rejoin the group for a tour. Hotel California is the Eagles’ best album because everything came together. The songs were very strong, the production was flawless, the musicianship was top notch and it was a joy to listen to it all the way through for the first time. I am so glad I have it in my collection. Other highlights include: Wasted Time, Victim of Love and The Last Resort (one of my favorite Eagles songs). Overall, I give Hotel California, 5 out of 5.

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