Album #355 – Arrival

Album #355

Arrival was arguably ABBA’s most successful album. It was the biggest selling album of 1977 in the UK and it came at the peak of their career. I was amazed at how good this album was. Now, I know many people can’t stand ABBA. Their brand of “sunshine-y” pop is enough to drive some serious music fans insane. To each their own. But, I can’t name another pop act who made an album with one good song after another. That is exactly what Arrival was. This has mostly to do with the perfectionist attitude that the group took toward their recordings. If what they had done in the studio was not good enough, they would push themselves to new heights. Bjorn and Benny were, at this point, seasoned musicians who had played in other Swedish rock bands before forming ABBA in the early 70’s. They obviously knew what they were doing. Arrival includes three of ABBA’s biggest and greatest songs: Money, Money, Money, Knowing Me, Knowing You and Dancing Queen (their signature song and one of the greatest pop songs ever!!!). Dancing Queen was actually influenced by George McCrae’s big disco hit Rock Your Baby, which was written by members of KC and The Sunshine Band. Fernando was included on three versions of the album so, I included it. Plus, it is another ABBA favorite of mine. But, as I mentioned above, the album tracks are great too. Before listening to Arrival, I did not take any of ABBA’s albums seriously. I considered only their singles to be good and the album cuts to be bad. Generally, a pop group like ABBA has this problem. But, to my surprise, that was not the case.  I will definitely be adding Arrival to my collection and this album has caused me to track down a copy of ABBA Gold, their mega selling greatest hits collection. Sweden’s best export since the Swedish Meatball, ABBA deserves more credit than they receive. Other highlights include: Dum Dum Diddle, Tiger, Why Did It Have To Be Me? (ABBA meets rockabilly) and That’s Me. Overall, I give Arrival, 5 out of 5.

Next: Destroyer by KISS!!!

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