Album #356 – Destroyer

Album #356

Destroyer is a landmark album for KISS. It was their first studio album to become a huge success. Prior to Destroyer, the group released three studio albums with no wide success. So, KISS decided to tour and build an audience with their electrifying stage show. It was not until their first live album, 1975’s Alive, that they gained the momentum needed to break into the mainstream. Destroyer features three of KISS’ biggest hits: Beth (their first top 10 hit in the US and one of the few songs where none of the band members play on), Detroit Rock City and Shout It Out Loud (Their first #1 hit, which was in Canada!!!). Canadian Bob Ezrin’s production brings KISS to life. Several Ezrin-produced albums (Berlin, Billion Dollar Babies) are on the list. Many of the techniques and sounds he used on the Alice Cooper albums he produced (especially Billion Dollar Babies) are present here. Blistering guitars, strings, a wall of sound, sound effects and a children’s choir. Even the album tracks are amazing. There is no filler on Destroyer. This is because of Ezrin’s workhorse tactics in the studio. His mission was to create a better sound for KISS. Both Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons agree that this experience made KISS a better group. Without Bob Ezrin’s assistance, it is possible that KISS would have never rose to new heights. But, they did and it is no secret why Destroyer is the best album of their career. Other highlights include: King of the Night Time World, God of Thunder (featuring Ezrin’s two kids screaming and carrying on in the background), Great Expectations, Flaming Youth and Do You Love Me? Overall, I give Destroyer, 5 out of 5.

Next: 2112 by Rush!!!!

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