Album #360 – Rocks

Album #360

To say that Aerosmith’s Rocks really rocks, is an understatement. This album kicks ass. It inspired a generation of musicians to pick up the guitar and create an equally remarkable kind of rock and roll that doesn’t exist anymore. Guitarists James Hetfield, of Metallica, and Slash claim this album made them want to pick up the instrument. Rocks is also among Kurt Cobain’s favorite albums.  To sum up Rocks would be to listen to the album’s first song, Back In The Saddle. I remember in high school, driving to the unhallowed halls of education with my dad and one of my younger sisters. As soon as Back In The Saddle came on the radio, I turned it up loud. My sister and I immediately got into an argument about the song. She yelled at me to “Turn It Down!!!”. She also said that Steven Tyler’s singing was more like screaming. In her words, “This song sucks!!!”. I was instantly offended. But, after listening to Rocks all the way through a few days ago, I realized that this album isn’t for the faint of heart. Rocks is an exciting melange of blues and bad ass rock and roll at it’s finest. Even the subject matter of many of this album’s tracks refers to drugs and the rock and roll lifestyle. They didn’t call Tyler and guitarist Joe Perry, The Toxic Twins, for nothing. Rocks continued of the momentum that Toys In The Attic gave them a year before. But, it seemed that the lifestyle caught up to them. After Rocks’ release, Aerosmith’s career took a nosedive. Thankfully, they resurface in the late 80’s and haven’t looked back. Other highlights include: Last Child, Rats In The Cellar, Sick As A Dog, Nobody’s Fault , Get the Lead Out and Home Tonight. Overall, I give Rocks, 4.5 out of 5.

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