Album #365 – Zombie

Album #365

Zombie is one of the most politically charged albums I have listened to on the list thus far. Consisting of only two songs, the title track and Mister Follow Follow, the sounds on this album are a mixture of jazz, funk, blues and African rhythms. Fela Kuti wrote these songs after seeing the injustices in his home country of Nigeria. He decided to write music based on his frustrations with the government and military. The release of Zombie resulted in the murder of Kuti’s mother during a raid of his compound. Never before have I seen an album that caused problems and hardship for the artist. Kuti refers to the military and its soldiers as zombies who blindly follow the wishes and commands of the government. These thoughts are hidden behind danceable music. I admire Fela Kuti because he took a great risk with this album. Kuti continued to speak out against the injustices that he saw and experienced. The songs messages became so intense that they caused riots at one of his concerts in Ghana and led to Kuti being banned from that country. I did enjoy this album and I wish more songwriters would take risks like this to ensure that what is really going on is told to the masses. Overall, I give Zombie, 4.5 out of 5.

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