Album #369 – Before and After Science

Album #369

Before and After Science is my favourite Brian Eno album thus far. Not only is it accessible but, it foreshadows future sounds of rock music. Take this album’s opening track, No One Receiving, for example. It instantly reminded me of the work Eno did with the Talking Heads, right down to the David Byrne-like vocals. I enjoyed this album mostly because Eno actually sings throughout most of this album. It took two years for Before and After Science to be completed and it shows. Not only does this album have good song writing but a who’s who of collaborators including co-producer Rhett Davies, Phil Collins, Dave Mattacks, Robert Wyatt, Phil Manzanera and Robert Fripp. Side one of Before and After Science is vastly different from side two. The A side contains songs that represent the new sounds of rock while side B is much more mellow and reserved. Overall, I like this album and I will be adding it to my collection. Some of the tracks even rank among my favourites. Well done Brian Eno. Other highlights include: Backwater, Kurt’s Rejoinder, King’s Lead Hat, Here He Comes and By This River. Overall, I give Before and After Science, 5 out of 5.

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