Album #370 – Trans-Europe Express

Album #370

Just like Before and After Science, Kraftwerk’s Trans-Europe Express is also telling of the future of pop music. While listening to this album, I could see the roots of synth pop and the fact that four years after it’s release, synthesizers would have a prominent role in pop music. This was to the delight of some and the chagrin of others. Trans-Europe Express, much like Jean-Michel Jarre’s Oxygene, is an album done entirely on synthesizers (including drums). This album was much different from the previous Kraftwerk album on the list, Autobahn. Trans-Europe Express was far better and more melodic than Autobahn. While I found Autobahn to be droning and boring, Trans-Europe Express had life. It was exciting. Also, this album has some singing on it, to my surprise. I had always thought that Kraftwerk did instrumental music only. The lyrics were in English, not German and served to tell a story. In fact, this whole album was based around the Trans-Europe Express train system. Musical influences also included Bowie and Iggy, who are referenced on this album. It is a unique concept album that works and flows very well. I am glad I liked this album and I can now see why many musicians from Madonna to Radiohead are influenced by Trans-Europe Express. Highlights include: Europe Endless, Hall of Mirrors, Trans-Europe Express, Metal on Metal and Franz Schubert. Overall, I give Trans-Europe Express, 4 out of 5.

Next: The Stranger by Billy Joel!!!


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