Album #372 – Exodus

Album #372

Exodus is a substantially different album for Bob Marley. First, it was recorded in London due to Marley escaping Jamaica because of death threats. Jamaica was in political troubles around this time. Marley’s response was to write the title track. Part of the album was recorded in Jamaica but most of it was done at Island Studios in London. Second, it is Marley’s most accessible album to date and probably his best work. Take his greatest hits album Legend, for example. There are more tracks from Exodus on that compilation than any other studio album. Side two is especially well represented. Exodus actually even charted high on Billboard’s Top 200 album chart at #20. It was the first time a Bob Marley album had done that well on the album charts in America. Plus, One Love/People Get Ready and Jamming became massive hits that are still played on radio today. Exodus really made Bob Marley a huge force in music. Despite the political undertones, Exodus remains an amazing pop album. I was moving and grooving to many of this album’s tracks. I am proud to have this album in my collection and, Exodus should be a starting point for anyone wanting to discover Marley’s music. Other highlights include: Natural Mystic, Waiting In Vain, Turn Your Lights Down Low and Three Little Birds (a song that I originally disliked because of the keyboard part but, have now grown to love). Overall, I give Exodus, 4.5 out of 5.

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