Album #374 – Heavy Weather

Album #374

Weather Report were a huge jazz super group, tackling jazz-rock head on. Heavy Weather is their first album to feature bassist extraordinaire Jaco Pastorius on each track. Other members include saxophonist Wayne Shorter and drummer/percussionist Alex Acuna . Jazz fusion is the style of this album; something that Weather Report along with Miles Davis, were innovators in. The album’s first track, Birdland, became one of Jazz’s most notable and influential songs. The rest of this album is equally as good. There is one unique  track on this album that threw me for a loop. It’s taken from a live recording the group did and it’s called Rumba Mama. It is nothing more than a latin percussion-filled chant the seems out of place on this album. The rest of the track are simply sublime. I really enjoyed Heavy Weather and I will be adding this, someday, to my collection. Other highlights include: A Remark You Made, Harlequin, Palladium and Havona. Overall, I give Heavy Weather, 4.5 out of 5.

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