Album #376 – Rattus Norvegicus aka The Stranglers IV

t Album #376

First off, I must say that I LOVED this album. I really loved this album. It is the perfect melange of new wave and punk. Jean-Jacques Burnel’s bass lines are melodic and add an edge to the Stranglers that most punk bands didn’t have. The keyboards are also an amazing fit for a band that didn’t seem to follow punk’s “rules”. The Stranglers were the most successful punk band on the British charts with several top 40 singles including two on this album: Peaches and (Get A) Grip (On Yourself). The subject matter on Rattus Norvegicus is a take on British society with a funny look at poverty, characters from literature and characters in the band’s actual life. Hugh Cornwell’s voice is less rough and hard than most punk singers at this time. He can actually sing and conveys more ranges of emotion that many of his contemporaries. I liked and admired the Stranglers before listening to Rattus Norvegicus (which is the latin word for a Brown Rat) but, now I LOVE this band. I love their songwriting and their counter approach to punk music. To me, the Stranglers were the UK’s answer to Talking Heads and yet, their songs were more sarcastic, ironic and hilarious. The Stranglers were in a league of their own musically and this album definitely gave a great start to an amazing career. Other highlights include: Sometimes, Goodbye Toulouse, Princess of the Streets, Hanging Around and Down In The Sewer. Overall, I give Rattus Norvegicus, 5 out of 5.

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