Album #378 – Low

Album #378

Low is the beginning of Bowie’s Berlin Trilogy in which he recorded three albums in Berlin with help from Brian Eno. Low was much better than I expected. Bowie was certainly ahead of his time but, this album is as funky as it is experimental. This album is ironically named too. Bowie was feeling very low at this point and the music reflects that. Low is made up mostly of instrumentals but, there are some gems. This album’s opening track, Speed of Life, sets the mood perfectly. It’s up beat and reminds me of the sound he was toying with in the early 2000’s. Sound and Vision is pure Bowie-funk and could have been included on Young Americans. Be My Wife was also amazing and it was my favorite track off this album. Despite the title, Low is hardly depressing. It is continuing in the tradition of amazing albums from one of rock’s most innovative artists. Other highlights include: Always Crashing The Same Car, A New Career in a New Town (one song I can currently identify with) and Warszawa (an religious-like trance/chant). Overall, I give Low, 4.5 out of 5.

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