Album #381 – One World

Album #381

One World has become one of my favourite albums. It is captivating from beginning to end. The sound on One World is a mixture of reggae, funk, jazz, folk and rock. Martyn’s husky/gravelly voice weaves it all together. Soild Air, another Martyn was also on the list but, I feel that One World eclipses that album. There is more energy here and more emotion. Martyn conveys it through these songs. He also adds a modern sound to his music, something that was not always present on Solid Air. This album is so special that even the final track, Small Hours, was recorded outside on a Farm in England. The sounds of the outdoors add to the atmosphere of the track. As equally impressive are the collaborations on this album: Steve Winwood with his trademark synth sounds five years before they would be a staple of his own work, Lee Perry co-writing one of the album’s tracks, Big Muff, Danny Thompson on bass and Andy Newmark on drums. To top it all off, the album was produced by legendary Island Records founder Chris Blackwell. One World was definately not a bore and showed me a side of John Martyn that I have never seen before. Other highlights include: Dealer, Smiling Stranger and Couldn’t Love You More. Overall, I give One World, 5 out of 5.

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