Album #383 – Rumours

Album #383

Rumours is one of the best pop/rock albums of all time. It contains four top ten singles, in the U.S. and Canada (Don’t Stop, Go Your Own Way, You Make Lovin’ Fun and Dreams). It has influenced a generation of musicians and made Fleetwood Mac a household name in North America. The Album ended up winning the Album of the Year award at the 1978 Grammys. And on top of that, Rumours has sold millions and millions of copies worldwide. But, this album came at a personal toll. All the members faced broken relationships: Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks were constantly fighting during recording and Buckingham’s Go Your Own Way still touches a nerve with Nicks. John and Christine McVie didn’t speak to each other during the sessions and Mick Fleetwood had problems with his marriage. On top of this, addictions and excess fueled the sessions. It’s amazing that tension and personal strife can create great music. This album was so huge, that Buckingham refused to create a similar sounding follow-up and shed his Rumours-era image during the making of their 1979 double album, Tusk. All that aside, Rumours is an album that has one good song after another. Not only were there four big singles but, album cuts The Chain, Never Going Back Again and Gold Dust Woman are rock classics in their own right. This album has also been released a couple of times in the last decade and a book about the sessions was recently written by co-producer Ken Callait (Colbie Callait’s dad). All of this is turning on a new generation of fans to the Mac. Their recent tour selling out is proof that they have staying power. I am proud to own a copy of this album and if you haven’t listened to Rumours in full, it’s about time you should. Other highlights include: I Don’t Wanna Know and Songbird. Overall, I give Rumours, 8 out of 5. Yes, 8 out of 5. It’s THAT good.

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