Album #385 – Pacific Ocean Blue

Album #385

Dennis Wilson’s Pacific Ocean Blue sounds like a lost Beach Boys album. Dennis shows that he is just as talented and creative as his brother Brian. Many have called this album a classic and I whole heartedly agree. Dennis co-wrote much of the album’s tracks with people like his brother Carl, Mike Love and co-producer Gregg Jakobson. The rang of emotions is phenomenal show both a happy and dark side to a former Beach Boy. It is when he is at his most vulnerable on tracks like Moonshine, Rainbows and End of the Show, that capture the essence of this album. Dennis’ gravelly voice adds to the charm. It is hard to believe that at one point it was extremely rare to find a copy of Pacific Ocean Blue on CD. Now, the album ranks as one of the biggest cult classics in music. I did enjoy this album and I hold it in high regard with some of the Beach Boys classic albums. This album is a must listen for its emotion and pure pop sensibilities. Other highlights include: River Song and Thoughts of You. Overall, I give Pacific Ocean Blue, 5 out of 5.

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