Album #387 – The Idiot

Album #387

Iggy Pop’s The Idiot blew me away. It was much more accessible than I thought. The sounds were pure Bowie at the time. It helped that Bowie produced the album. But, Iggy’s voice is stronger here and a bit more polished. Each song is upbeat and somewhat catchy. This is something that Bowie didn’t always master. The album begins perfectly with the funky track, Sister Midnight, co-written by Bowie and Carlos Alomar. That track set the mood for the rest of this album. Pop described The Idiot when it was released as James Brown crossed with Kraftwerk. He was right. There is some funkiness going on throughout the Idiot, something Bowie moved away from during the Berlin trilogy. This made me like the album even more. The Idiot is also notable for the original appearance of China Girl. The song would reappear on Bowie’s 1983 album, Let’s Dance, in a very different form and become one of Bowie’s biggest hits. Pop’s version is raw and mellow. Nightclubbing is also a highlight with many critics saying it’s influence comes from Gary Glitter’s Rock and Roll, Parts 1 & 2. I really enjoyed this album and to make an album-related pun it was a fun time. Other highlights include: Fun Time,  Baby, Dum Dum Boys (written about Pop’s time fronting The Stooges) and Tiny Girl. Overall, I give The Idiot, 5 out of 5.

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