Album #388 – Peter Gabriel (I) aka Car

Album #388

Peter Gabriel (I) aka Car, was an impressive solo debut for the former Genesis front man. Produced by Canadian mega producer Bob Ezrin, Car is very similar to the other Ezrin produced albums on the list (Lou Reed’s Berlin, Alice Cooper’s Billion Dollar Babies/School’s Out and Kiss’ Destroyer). Gabrieland Ezrin tackle many musical styles on this album: jazz, blues, rock, folk and show tunes, on acid. Gabriel admitted later on that he didn’t like Car, saying it was overproduced. I kind of disagree. Ezrin did a good job on this album and while some of it may be over the top, it reminded me of Gabriel’s former band Genesis. Among the collaborators on this album are Robert Fripp and Tony Levin, two artists which Gabriel would collaborate throughout his career. Solsbury Hill, Gabriel’s first solo hit, is among the tracks on this album. The folk-influenced song was written about a spiritual experience Gabriel had on Solsbury Hill in England.  Another track that blew me away was Here Comes The Flood. Gabriel would do two more versions of the track: one with Robert Fripp and another on the 1990 compilation Shaking The Tree. Both versions were much more sparse than the one found on Car which contains strings, horns and Gabriel singing in falsetto. I enjoyed the version on Car because it had a different feeling from the 1990 version: it was more majestic and triumphant. I really enjoyed Car and I look forward to seeing the progression of Gabriel’s career between this album and his 1986 massive hit album So. Other highlights include: Modern Love, Excuse Me, Humdrum, Waiting for the Big One and Down the Dolce Vida. Overall, I give Peter Gabriel (I) aka Car, 5 out of 5.

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