Album #391 – My Aim Is True

Album #391

My Aim is True is a stunning debut from an artist who would go on to make music in several different styles over the course of his career and, he’s not done yet. Costello was actually still working his day job as a data entry clerk during the recording of this album. He would write songs on the subway or late at night in order to not bother his wife and child. Once the album was released, his label allowed him to quit his job and focus on the music. Costello even had to take sick days to rehearse. My Aim is True is also notable because it does not feature Costello’s longtime backing band, The Attractions. Instead, American band Clover, comprised of future members of Huey Lewis & The News and The Doobie Brothers, back Costello up. The album is produced by Nick Lowe, who would go on to produce many of Costello’s albums released between 1977 and 1986. Costello, Lowe/Dave Edmunds aka Rockpile and Graham Parker were all contemporaries in the pub rock/angry young man scene.  The album’s sound is a mixture of punk, power pop, pub rock and throwbacks to Spector’s sounds from the 60’s. Costello’s songs are typical of his early period: angry and brilliantly written. Elvis Costello has always had a way with words and these songs are a clear indication of what is to come. My Aim is True is a great place for Costello to start and thankfully, Declan McManus is still recording, touring and writing amazing songs today. Highlights include: Welcome to the Working Week, Miracle Man, Blame it On Cain, Alison, (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes, Less Than Zero and Watching The Detectives (featuring the only contribution on this album by an Attraction, keyboardist Steve Nieve). Overall, I give My Aim is True, 5 out of 5.

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