Album #392 – Lust for Life

Album #392

Iggy Pop’s album, Lust For Life, is among his most well known albums. Unlike The Idiot, Lust For Life is more rock based but David Bowie did co-produce the album and many Bowie collaborators, including Carlos Alomar, make appearances. Many will know the main riff of Lust for Life from it’s appearance in Carnival Cruise Line Commercials a few years ago. Kinda ironic, since the original version of the song is anything but family friendly. To me, this album is a slight venture for Pop back to his days with the Stooges. It has a lot of the same energy and excitement that the Stooges had on the albums Raw Power and Fun House. But, Pop is somewhat restrained and polished. This could be because of Bowie’s influence. ¬†Another classic on this album is The Passenger, one of my favorite songs by Pop and a great one to sing along to in the car. I really had fun listening to Lust for Life and this album has had as much influence on modern rock bands as U2, R.E.M. and Radiohead. Other highlights include: Sixteen, Some Weird Sin, Tonight and Fall in Love with Me. Overall, I give Lust for Life, 4.5 out of 5.

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