Album #395 – The Modern Dance

Album #395

The Modern Dance is Pere Ubu’s first album and represents what punk music was to so many, including myself before I started this challenge: white noise. This album reminded me so much of those avant garde jazz albums that were on the list and were released back in the 50’s. They did not make much sense and The Modern Dance is included. I feel like I’m missing something. One of my friends is a HUGE Pere Ubu fan. Now, I can see why. Their songs are very political and Pere Ubu used synths to augment their sound: something many punk bands did not do. I guess if I have learned anything from listening to The Modern Dance, it’s that I love a good melody. If the melody is non-existent or different, I gravitate away from it. My ear has become more accustomed to certain styles but, sadly I have not fully developed it as much as I thought. You are not gonna like everything and The Modern Dance was one of those albums. It was not totally bad but, just like Trout Mask Replica and Autobahn, I didn’t get it. Overall, I give The Modern Dance, 3 out of 5.

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