Album #400 – The Only Ones

Album #400

The Only Ones are a British punk band best known for their minor hit, Another Girl, Another Planet. I was really excited to listen to their self-titled album because of it’s power pop roots. The Only Ones take more from power pop and pub rock than punk. The only “punk” quality to their music is lead singer/guitarist Peter Perrett’s rough/British-laden vocals and ironic, hilarious lyrics. As a band, The Only Ones are great musicians. They know how to make good rock & roll songs. Most in North America don’t know about The Only Ones because this album was originally not released in the U.S., probably because it sounded too “British”, which is a damn shame. Music shouldn’t have to be about borders and discarded if it sounds too this or too that. Luckilly, the album list allowed me to experience this album for myself. Also of note, one of my favourite producers, Steve Lillywhite had one of his first engineering gigs with this album. He would go on to produce albums by U2, Dave Matthews Band, The Pogues and Simple Minds among others. The Only Ones are a band that should be regarded as one of THE best from that era. Mixing a horn section with a straight-up rock band was not in fashion in 1978 but, The Only Ones made it work. This is definitely a lost gem worth hearing. Perfect rock and roll. Other highlights include: The Whole of the Law, The Beast, Creature of Doom and Language Problem. Overall, I give The Only Ones, 5 out of 5.

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