Album #405 – Third/Sister Lovers

Album #405

Third/Sister Lovers is the album that made me respect Alex Chilton as a songwriter and artist. The album was recorded in 1975 but, was delayed for three years because of financial issues, label problems and disinterest from Chilton and drummer Jody Stephens. But, to me, it is the greatest album Big Star ever released and cemented them as cult heroes. Third/Sister Lovers is much more dark compared to it’s predecessors, #1 Record and Radio City. It has several songs with feature a string section, adding to the musical depth. You can tell that Chilton, Big Star’s front man and chief songwriter, was having a rough period. The emotion that comes out in his voice is nothing that I had heard before. Musically, the album differs from track to track. That is probably why it was never a commercial success. But, it remains an album that captures what it’s like to feel dejected, alone and isolated. It amazes me that such great music could come out of pain and exhaustion. Maybe, that’s why I was so gravitated to Third/Sister Lovers, ONE of the best albums to be released in the 70’s. A musical masterpiece in a time of insanity. Highlights include: Thank You Friends, Jesus Christ, Holocaust, Kangaroo, For You, Nighttime, Blue Moon, Take Care, Nature Boy, Dream Lover and Downs. Overall, I give Third/Sister Lovers, 5 out of 5.

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