Album #406 – Duck Stab/Buster & Glen

Album #406

From the look of the album cover, I know I was in for something “unique” when listening to Duck Stab/Buster & Glen. This album consisted of 2 EPs. Duck Stab was released months earlier as an EP and instead of releasing Buster & Glen as a separate EP, both were combined for this album. The Residents are not what I thought they were. I thought I would be listening to “another” punk band. Instead, I got an avant-garde, experimental art collective who, it turns out, have no visible members. When they perform, the group wears eyeball masks to hide their identities. As for the music, it sounded to me as if one of the children’s artists I listened to as a kid, took lots and lots of drugs including LSD, and this is the music they came up with. It is very juvenile but also weird and erratic. I don’t think the members of the Residents were musicians as much as they were artists of sound. Some of this album did make me laugh though. Birthday Boy and Elvis Is Dead were hilarious as was The Executioner.  But, as an album, it was too weird for me. Overall, I give Duck Stab/Buster & Glen, 2 out of 5.

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